Thursday, October 1, 2009

Struggle targets puppet government

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The declared struggles by UCPN-Maoist have been advancing victoriously. The programmes of struggle are appearing into new heights with the active participation and the full support of the people. After central committee meeting of UCPN-Maoist, the people have been hopeful on the protection of national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The national question has been a main and the burning question to the Nepalese people. However, the political situation of the country is still unclear and the common agendas for forming a Comprehensive United Front are still left to be found. It shows that the polarization of the politics has not taken its concrete shape and size. UCPN-Maoist is fulfilling its declared programmes in an effective way. In course of completing half of the programmes of struggle, the puppet government is in search of supporters and the directors. The latest visit of the puppet Ministers in the neighbouring countries and the would be visit of Prime Minister of the puppet government Madhav Nepal to India is the result of the increasing forceful effect of the struggle under the leadership of Maoist.

The puppet government and its allies are again trying to hatch conspiracies against the largest party in the legislative-parliament. The news papers have published out that Nepali Congress leader GP Koirala has ‘requested the Nepal Army to be alert’. This clearly shows that the allies of counter-revolutionaries and the puppets are requesting the foreign powers to assist for the suppression of ongoing victorious struggle of UCPN-Maoist. The rush to the foreign countries reveals the secret humorously.

The people of the country are feeling a danger of the internal-conflict that is going to be imposed by the alliance of the puppets. The national capitalists and the traders and the businessmen of the country are not expecting their bright future from the puppet government. They are in suspicion that Madhav Nepal will sign in any anti-nation and anti-people bi-lateral treaty or compromise in his India visit. Expansionist Indian rulers will try to take the disadvantages how much they can take from their puppet. The Nepalese people are very conscious and aware that the last fight for the national independency and territorial integrity is still left. If the puppet government will forcefully impose the conflict in the blessing of the foreign powers, it will directly turn towards the concrete shape of the movement of national independency.

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