Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bhattarai floats three options for ending deadlock

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Maoist vice chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that his party is ready to end the obstruction in the parliament if the Nepali Congress and UML agree on any of the three options his party has floated.

Speaking during a Deusi programme organised by a group of journalists Sunday, Bhattarai said the deadlock would end quickly if the parties agreed for a parliamentary debate on civilian supremacy or signed a joint resolution on the president's move. The third option, according to him, would be an apology from the President for his move in the army chief row.

Bhattarai also said the Maoist party would launch fresh protest movement if the two ruling parties, NC and UML, rejected these options.

To recall, the Maoist party had put similar conditions for resolving the current crisis during the three-party meetings, but the NC dismissed all of them.

However, the three parties formed a three-member committee to prepare a draft of consensus. The committee will get down to work immediately after Tihar festival.

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