Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lal Salaam CNSG Launches Letter Writing Campaign

Lal Salaam is encouraging everyone in Canada who is concerned about the current crisis in Nepal to write to the Nepali ambassador in Ottawa.  It is important for the government of Nepal to know that people around the world are watching and that their reputation around the world will be damaged if they move to violently repress the protests.  Below the break is an example letter that can be used by an individual, or modified to be a collective statement of a group of people or organization.

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His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire
Embassy of Nepal
408 Queen St.
Ottawa, ON   K1R 5A7
Fax: (613) 422-5149

Dear Ambassador Ghimire,

It is with great concern that I observe the events currently unfolding in your home country.  Hundreds of thousands of Nepalis, including poor workers, peasants, women, low caste "untouchables" and other oppressed peoples, have gathered in Kathmandu to voice their outrage at the conduct of your government.  Your government has engaged in widespread corruption, violated basic democratic principles, and failed to address the basic needs of the people.

As someone who is deeply concerned with the democratic rights of all people, both at home and abroad, I urge:

First, that your government respect the democratic rights of the Nepali people to the freedom of peaceful assembly and protest and that the military not be used against the people;

Second, that your government follow through on the terms of the 2009 Peace Agreement mediated by the United Nations, specifically the creation of a new Nepalese Army by merging the former Royal Nepalese Army and the Peoples' Liberation Army;

Third, that your Prime Minister heed the demands of the people and submit his immediate resignation to allow for the largest party in the Constituent Assembly to form the next government and lead the process for drafting a new constitution for Nepal;

It is my sincere hope that the current crisis in your country can be resolved peacefully and that your government will act in the best interests of the people in Nepal.


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  1. The letter is pertinent. Millions of people have come to the street to ask the prime minister to resign. The government is arguing that the PM can resign only through parliamentary process. I think, people have the overriding power both universally as well as in Nepal. The PM must respect peoples' voice.