Friday, October 30, 2009

Presidential Rule Likely in Nepal, Rumors Spread like Wild Fire

from Telegraph Nepal

Tighten your belts please.

Achtung! Nepalese citizens, both within and without, we have a very dangerous news for you all, this evening, 7.46 PM, NST.

Rumors have spread like a wild fire in Kathmandu that by Saturday evening, October 31, 2009, the Nepal President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, will take over the charge of the nation.

Presidential rule, or say a sort of military regime, will thus prevail in this country, which is your country, my country, our country-mother Nepal.

Talks so far to seduce the Maoists have failed and the President is in consultations with his former party affiliated legal practitioners. The PM has met him twice well within twenty four hours. Home Minister, Bhim Rawal, is in all preparedness, we have been told. High placed sources even claim that Nepal Army too has been kept on high alert. This remains to be substantiated though.

Maoist party vice chairman, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai has freshly said that his party will not settle for less this time. We have only two days left from now. The Maoists fresh revolt, as already announced, begins November 1, 2009.

MJF splinter President, Upendra Yadav, has demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister for having failed to garner consensus and resume the proceedings of the now disrupted parliament and the CA body.

“The PM has to resign”, Yadav opines.

Prachanda says that the incumbent government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal is a remote control one.

He, however, doesn’t reveal as to where from this remote control is being handled?

Speaker Subash Nembang, who knocked each and every door at time of his selection/election to the current post, is enjoying his lucrative post caring little that he should have been the one to mediate in between the ruling coalition parties and the Maoists. He is cheating the nation, to put it mildly.

He is carefree. He will have to pay the price the day he is out from the current post which is approaching fast due to his own weaknesses.

Dr. Bhattarai says that if the cadres of his party were repressed by the government during the impending agitation, they will retaliate with equal force. This means the element of violence would surely be there. This is very bad speculation.

Summing up, a sort of chaotic situation is lurking large OVER THE NEPALI SKY.

What will happen the next moment, nobody can predict, at least not the analysts here.

Had Sri Lankan President not been in Nepal, the Presidential emergency orders would have already come into action.

Rumors say that the moment the Sri Lankan President takes off from the Nepali ground, Dr. Yadav will come into action.

Thus the days ahead, as predicted by Bam Dev Gautam (See spine tingling October 21, 2009, statement) are not only dangerous but contain also the germs of a civil war.

Pashupatinath may bless us all and this unfortunate country.

Let’s hope that all these were rumors only and that Nepal will remain safe under the “active and matured” leadership of the India elevated Nepal Prime Minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal.

God bless Mr. Nepal and Mother Nepal whose sons and daughters have gone erratic.

2009-10-29 20:14:16

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