Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mohan Baidya 'Kiran' Interview: Agreement Implements From The Resignation of the Prime Minister

From The Red Star.

How are you analyzing the current political situation after the extension of the term of Constituent Assembly?

In course of drafting a new constitution, we came to realize that the process could not go ahead smoothly. We felt a massive intervention of the foreign powers in our internal affairs. A fresh debate and discussion among the national political forces could not go on in a harmonious way. Second, the process of draft ing new constitution was made stagnate intentionally by the government side. Third, the sharp contradiction between status quo and the progressive forces has been clearly come over the ground.

Has UCPN-Maoist determined about the principal contradiction?

Since before sometime the contradiction between Nepalese people and the comprador bureaucratic capitalist class and likewise Nepalese people and the Indian expansionist power has been sharp. And, these two contradictions are being fused together. The process is being intense.

Old front with parliamentary parties is still in existence. And you have prolonged it for one year. Isn't there any possibility to build front among the nationalist, progressive and the revolutionary forces?

We have taken the issue very seriously. The old front is not enough to go ahead. In the situation of rapid change in principal contradiction, we should give special emphasis on the united front with the patriotic, progressive, republic and the left ist-revolutionary forces. For this, we should give our attention in republic, federalism, draft ing of a new constitution, secularism etc. Which forces are eager to follow these points, we will make front with them. We are thinking that we should make a new front within the Constituent Assembly too. We are making our efforts on it.

How are you thinking that the struggle will go ahead in the new developing situation?

The term of CA has been extended. The process of drafting a new constitution has been advancing ahead. In this situation, we should give our att ention to draft a new constitution that ensures the right of the people that is the constitution of federal republic of the people, that ends the class, caste, regional, gender and the other discrimination, that gives the solution of the national independency, people's democracy and people's livelihood. In the essence, the constitution will be anti-feudal and anti-imperialist in essence. We have drafted and publicized the constitution we want to make. We go ahead in this way if possible. If not, we will make the decisions of struggle in new form. Third, we are talking about to form the government of the national consensus. For this, Prime Minister should resign from the post. We have signed in 3-point agreement. In it, we have our common agreement to resign by the PM within five days for the way out of building a government of national consensus. If UML and NC are committed to this truly, it goes ahead and, if not, it will be necessary to us to go to the CA and streets at a time. We think that all these things will be fulfilled only through the strength of the struggle. The form of the struggle will be materialized according to the situation that develops.

You were talking about the Package for the solution of the problems in wholesale. However, you agreed in only 3-point agreement, why?

Seek solution in package is good. We also had talked about it. But there was no time to discuss and make a package programme. It does not mean that we did not talk and try to make it. We gave our major focus in extending the term of CA and the others were seemed minor before it. We made our eff ort to make CA alive at first. The agreement to make CA alive is good.

If so, is there any possibility to reduce the foreign intervention and make the common effort of the national political powers?

We should advance. But, it is still unclear. If we analyze the situation, we can not reduce the intervention of the foreign power. The problem seen in making the recent agreement is by the foreign intervention. We ran the struggle of strike, general strike and the people gathered historically in Kathmandu and we carried the struggle into its climax. The international communities have clearly understood that UCPN-Maoist is committ ed to
peace process.

However, the progress has not been as we have expected. There is intervention of the foreign power behind it. And, coming to the end of the agreement, Madhav Nepal does not seem to be ready to resign from the post. He is distorting all the points of the agreement that is due to the foreign reaction. Therefore, the intervention of the foreign reaction is not being limited rather, it is being increased. We are thinking about the struggle against the puppets, comprador capitalist and the feudal land lords. Along with it, we are thinking about how the patriotic, left ist and the revolutionary-progressive forces can be brought together. If we do not become united, the process of draft ing constitution does not go ahead.

Is the 3-point agreement sufficient to advance or another agreement is necessary in coming days for consensus?

We are in consensus but the things are not being done according to it. The agreement we have done is of 6-point. We have minimized it into three points. Th e first point is related with peace process. The second is related with constitution and the third is related with the power sharing in the government. We advance ahead by stepping on this agreement. It starts from its implementation that is the resignation of the Prime Minister.

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