Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kiran: Reject Unequal Treaties with India

Reposted from Telegraph Nepal.  Found on Revolution in South Asia blog.

Nepal Maoists’ leader explodes at India, propose SA Alliance to fight Indian Hegemony

The anger in the Maoists’ camp of Nepal towards India becomes quite evident from the remark made by one of the high ranking leaders of the ex-rebel party.

Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran, the Maoists’ Party vice chairman, spitting venom against India not only claimed that the South Asian Countries have been the victim of India’s expansionist policies but he also felt the need of the local Nationalists and the countries in the South Asian neighborhood in forming an alliance to fight against the continued Indian hegemony.

The program entitled “Foreign Interference and Nationalism” was organized by the Maoists’ Party offshoot Young Communist League (YCL), Saturday December 5, 2009 wherein Mr. Pokharel made those remarks which time permitting annoy India to the hilt.

Mr. Pokharel also opined that if need arises Nepal should ready itself to fight for restoring the State of Nepal prior to the signing of the unequal 1816 treaty of Sugauli-the Greater Nepal.

“There will be no Nepal if we fail to raise Nationalist feeling among ourselves”, said Kiran adding that, “Our Nepal will be Sikkimized sooner than later.”However, he was also of the opinion that since India cannot directly make Military interventions in Nepal as it did in the past to grab our territories, it (India) was using our own political parties and some of the leaders belonging to the UML and the Nepali Congress for Sikkimizing Nepal. “We will fight against India’s ill intentions,” he also declared.

Nepal’s Water Resources expert Mr. Ratnasansar Shrestha was of the view that the three Koirala Brothers, Matrika, Bishweshwor and Girija remained in power at different intervals of Nepali history and continued in power simply because they sold our mighty Big Rivers to India at a dirt cheap price.

“Nepali Nationalists must reject all the past unequal treaties including Pancheshwor because they are not in the interest of Nepal”, he added.

Mr. Gopal Siwakoti Chintan, a Human Rights Activist with Communist tilt, even urged the Maoists to grab weapons to institutionalize the Republican order and build what he called “New Nepal.”

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